Born in Italy and came back to Greece at the age of 6. Growing up at a later stage he was really very into the music and especially in the year 1981 when he started working on decks, mixing songs and introducing experimental music to the Greek clubbers.

Over the years he succeeded in making himself a very well-known Dj, not only in Greece but all over the world playing music to several countries and cooperating with other famous Djs. During his staying in Greece at an early stage he started playing progressive music for music stations like Life Fm and Radio NRG, stations playing respectfully only dance music.

Back in the 1994-1995 he meets Dj Leon Sega and they introduce the Dazzle Parties which have really huge success all over Greece playing at the hottest clubs of the country. A year later it’s the time when he starts travelling around the world starting from a German national music tour where he plays music to 10 different cities, basically invited by HauseFraue (United Enterprises Germany).

His music trip continues to Sweden, Switzerland, Holland, where he performs his outmost together with great DJs connected to electronic music, such as George Morel, Eric Morillo, Mark Spoon, Daniel Klein etc.

In 1998 Mikele cooperates with FM Records and OZON magazine and releases a Compact Disc with really selected demos called «Le Club». Same year and being so far seriously involved with Progressive House & Dance music, he is selected to play to the best clubs in Greece such as Cavo Paradiso (Mykonos island), Decadence (Thessaloniki), Galaxy (Hilton), InterContinental etc.

Next stage for him, is his great cooperation with dj John Digweed, performing with him at Lycabetus theatre in Athens and at Venue club, where it was considered to be one of the most successful parties of the whole year since more 5000 clubbers attended at that night.

Early 2000 he is doing the grand opening of Orbital festival, one of the best groups in electronic music, at Electron Festival in Europe. His career on decks has so many events ever since and Mikele performs with many other DJs like Sasha, John Digweed, Timo Maas, Dave Seaman, Antony Papa, Satoshi Tomie, Carl Craig, Green Velvet, Cass, Darren Emerson, playing at many well known clubs at that time in Athens as Alsos, Oinofyta, Factory, Plus Soda, Amfitheatro, U-Matic, Fuze, Cavo Paradiso (Mykonos), Decadence (Thessaloniki), Luv, Studio 54, Hall, Paradiso (Rhodes) etc.

In 2004, Mikele creates Control Co. which organizes all the events and his appearances all over Greece supporting closely himself and his work. Ever since and in cooperation with Planet Works, he continuous to visit and perform to many clubs in Greece trying to give the satisfaction to his clubbers to enjoy perfect nights and to create an amazing feeling by listening to his music.

Early May 2008, Mikele was invited to perform in one of the biggest concerts held in Athens dedicated to the fight against climate change at Syntagma Square in central Athens , organised by the representatives of the European Commission and the European Parliament in Greece in collaboration with the foreign ministry and Athens municipality.

To my Friends (Debute Album)
Profile one (mix cd)

Mikele:My feelings(Avatone recordings)
Liquid light&Mikele:urban winds
S.m.Sound:People(Blue bass rec)
S.m.Sound:Sunday morning(Blue bass recs)
S.m.sound:Kaleidoscope(Blue bass recs)
Mikele:My explode(Avatone recordings)
Mac - Virus Inside (Loca Beach Club Compilation)
Mac - Falling Account (SONY) 
Oil & Water-Diffusion (Avatone Recordings) 
Oil & Water – Floating On Top (Swift Records)
Mac – U-Matic (Avatone Recordings)Remix 
Oil & Water– Danger (ntrop Recordings)rmx 
Mikele – Feel the Rhythm(avatone recs) DDL Music ProductionCompilations 
Relocation 1 Loca Beach Club By Mikele (ntrop Recordings)
Le Club Compiled By Mikele (FM Records)

Label: Avatone recordings


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