Mario aka SeTH was born and raised in Athens. From an early age he took lessons on classical guitar and piano, but his mind and heart were enchanted by the percussion. So he moved on to drums and percussion lessons.

He started as a DJ when he was 15, playing in local cafes/bars and his schools' and friends' parties.

At the age of 17, accompanied by a computer of the era with a simple sound card, Cubase Vst and Reason software, he begun composing his own tunes. The truth is that his influences are mostly Psychedelic because up to an older age he belonged in the electronic music scene of Goa Trance and Psychedelic.

In 2002 he worked as a manager in the field of Digital Media and Music Technology at NAKAS  professional music store, until 2006 that he graduated from Opera Conservatory with specialty on Music Production and Sound Engineering. This led him in "Village" group of companies, FM radio station.

After having 8 years of experience behind microphones and radio station consoles, he got his own show around 2010 in the Internet-based frequency of Cannibal radio. He did not stop there. Alongside he had a show every Wednsdey at Life FM Radio, and was sending Dj sets in other radio stations in Athens and Greece in general. Riding through many genres and counting nearly twenty years on dexx, in 2014 he discovered the sound that suits him best, following Tech House and Techno sound paths. Counting collaborations with several clubs in Athens and the Bedroom crew near 2014, SeTH participates in festivals and Dj sets alongside famous names in electronic music and gets daily updated with new sounds, that help him approach his audience and contribute to his further development.

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