Antoni Bios


Antoni Bios lives in Athens Greece and his 29 years old. He is producing electronic music since 1999 and he moved through different genres like (Psychedelic, Techno Trance, Electro House, Progressive House)  Also he played in very important clubs like Umatic , Loft , Hackers, Technopolis, EDO Athens Club, Myga,Buzz.

In 2001 he studied Sound Engineering and the last 2 years he's in the Techno industry. In summer of 2009 he becomes resident Dj for Destiny Tech and his first appearance was at the first 3 TECHNOLAND projects with very Important djs like: Dj Rush, Marko Nastic, Marko Milosavljevic, Uto Karem, Carlo Zita, Fabrizio Pettorelli, Federico Milani.

Antoni Bios has Support from : Phunk Investigatin, Ahmet Sendil , Spartaque, Fabrizio Pettorelli,
Pietro Dema, Christian Cambas, Andrea Giuliani and Lucca Rossetti, Danielle Petronelli and many more!

As for disco graphical movements he is at MINIATURES recs (Phunk Investigation Label) and at
Deviloc recs, label of one of the top Greek dj Christian Cambas.

Also he has remixed tracks for producers like Gymmy-j & Daniele Crocenzi, Fabrizio Pettorelli,
Phunk Investigation, Fictionizer, Morphic Wave, Lorenzo D’Ianni, Gabriel D’or, Mattias Fridell, G Mat and he also collaborates with other

labels like Gon, Evolution, Speca, Substudio, Bosphorus Underground, No Logic, Diva, Dogma, Tight Lipped, Clubstream Green, Ebony Red Records.

Also he is partner with PRIVATE FICTION wich organize professional Events and Festivals in Zurich, Basel and South-Germany. With Fictionizer they work with a lot Top Producers and talented Techno-Artists like Alan Fitzpatrick, Fergie, Andrea Roma, Ahmet Sendil, Autistic, Angy Kore, Dandy&Ugo, Phunk Investigation, Spektre, Alex Di Stefano, Spartaque, Audionatica, Mike Väth and more. Finally he formed a Digital label called Voodoo records,which has many artists support from the beginning.

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