Axel Karakasis


This man needs no further introductions. He is the best known Greek Techno export at this time with a long-standing career that still grows stronger.

His success story begins in the late 80s when Techno made its first appearance. From this point onwards, Axel’s courtship with electronic music saw a very different light… By 1996, midst of an era that saw electronic music taking over the Greek dance scene, he was already known through various DJ residencies. In addition, together with the team "bubbles" he organised regular events –to be remembered to this date!- with a huge crowd of supporters! This was only the beginning for a series of very successful events in some of the biggest clubs in the Greek capital, and not only! In the following years, he became the most wanted Greek Techno DJ, having played in the biggest venues in Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Crete and all over his native Greece.

Notably, DJing was not the only outlet for Axel. He sets up his own studio and starts exploring avenues in music production. To put it in his own words: “I’ve always wanted to create the music I had in my mind…”. In 2000, he meets Marco Bailey and starts releasing his productions in Pornographic Recordings (Marco Bailey’s and Cristian Varela’s label). He continues his productions and releases tracks in some very respected labels, such as MB Elektronics, Primate, MB Selektions, Rhythm Convert, etc. to establish himself in a genre he refers to as…Groovy Techno! Nowadays, Axel continues to release his music in world’s top record labels, like Intec Records (Carl Cox’s own imprint!) and Primate Recordings, whereas his tracks are played by some of the best Dj’s around the globe and have featured in well known compilations and mix CDs, such as Extreme Euphoria (Ministry of Sound), Cream Ibiza, I Love Techno, and many many more…

After many years of hard work in the studio and together with Spiros Kaloumenos he launches Omega Audio Recordings. Having made Omega Audio one of the most respected labels, Axel is now channelling all his energy into his own brainchild, REMAIN RECORDS. The label was officially launched in September 2007.

Confirming his status as the most sought after Greek Techno DJ of his time, Axel headlines events in some of the best clubs in the world, such as the Rex Club (Paris), Womb (Tokyo), Turnmills (London), tours regularly countries like Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Korea, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Holland and Malta, to name a few, and has appeared in top festivals like Awakenings (Netherlands) Rabac Festival (Croatia), Apokalypsa (Czech Republic), etc : he keeps exciting crowds all over the world, as well as in Greece!

At this moment Axel Karakasis is internationally recognized as the best known Greek techno DJ for his full of energy 3 decks sets and featuring rigorous musical selection that portrays his style.

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