Valentino Kanzyani


Tine Kocjančič, better known as Valentino Kanzyani is a Slovenian techno deejay and music producer. He has also released records under the name Recycled Loops, which is also the name of one of the record labels that he co-runs (with DJ Umek), the other being Earresistable.

He became famous in Slovenia, when he started playing music in 1995 in a club called Ambasada Gavioli, together with his colleague DJ Umek. During a three and a half year period he booked and played with many of the top DJs in the world. He manages to play music from 3 turntables simultaneously. Valentino ranked at position 75 of the TOP 100 DJs selected by DJ Magazine.

He has deejayed all over the world, and performed an Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1 in December 2003.

He has also been an in-demand remixer, mixing tracks by artists such as Ken Ishii, Simon Digby, Deep Dish, Wally Lopez, and Jon Carter.

He is the son of Slovenian musician Danilo Kocjančič who used to play in bands Kameleoni, Prizma and Bazar.

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