DJ Vierro, was inspired to follow a musical upbringing following in the footsteps of his mother who was an established vocalist in the 1980’s. As he grew up listening to acts such as Genesis, Simply Red and Depeche Mode he found himself drawn into electronic music. His first real exposure to house was Kevin Saunderson and his Inner City project. The sound of Inner City was a major impact on Vierro's music personality, and their musical fusion founded the basis for his DJ career. In the beginning of the 90's Vierro was being recognized as a growing force in his local neighborhood.

However within a short time and with his residency at Fashion Club it wasn’t long before his skills and talent were starting to be acknowledged and recognized outside of his native country. Soon his talent started to be appreciated around the world including in The Netherlands. His passionate sets and unique sound were profiled to their full at Club Paradiso in Amsterdam. During this period Vincent de Moor became a big supporter of his single "Flowtation", which then resulted in a three year deal with Combined Forces and Michel de Hey.

His first major single on the label was “Natural High”, the 12 inch first being released in 1999. In the same year Dutch television channel TMF gave him his first major broadcast with Marco V in the DansSalon and Marcello in "The O". Then by the end of the year Vierro was featured as one of TMF’s "new artists of the year". It wasn’t long before he found himself playing alongside world class DJ’s such as Roger Sanchez, Carl Cox, Sven Vath, K. Saunderson and Westbam at one of Europe’s biggest and most respected events Dance Valley (under the name Panos V).

His impeccable mixing techniques and his unique sound managed to wow audiences across the world but in 2002 everything turned upside down in Vierro's life when a serious accident threw him out of the game for two years (an artists worst nightmare). However undeterred in 2005 he managed to come back harder and stronger, yet again showing his immense strength of resolve and character.

And so in the last year his sound and productions have hit a high with Tiff Lacey adding vocals to his track “Storm” which has received enormous support from industry giants. In addition he was collaborating with Lost Witness with their re-release of “Happiness Happening” on Spinnin Records. In addition his guest mix on DJ Tiesto's show "Clublife” at the beginning of 2009 was proof the come back was well and truly underway. In addition 2010 will see the result of his project with Dutch duo Ton TB & Eric (aka “Three Drives On A Vinyl") who saw a worldwide success with their immortal classic "Greece 2000".

Though remixed by many established producers Vierro has delivered his own unique approach and the feedback has been overwhelmingly supportive, with one major DJ having been quoted to say " Vierro just made me love it even more and made it sound even better after all these years”. 2010 will also remain equally busy for Vierro as he collaborates with world renowned artists such as Julie Thompson and Tiff Lacey. As the excitement continued for his outstanding productions there’s an immense artist album on the way, plus DJ performances at the world’s finest clubs and festivals. Vierro’s radio exposure continued to grow as well with his “Elements” show on every first Tuesday of the month from 1900-2000 GMT +2.


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