Spiros Wom


Spiros Wom is one of the two founders of the Amorphia team, who organise events since 1994. At our parties you could hear all kinds of electronic music (trance, drum'n'bass, house, techno, tech house, psy trance). Many events all over greece..

He has played in many very known clubs such as Alsos, Battery, Camel, Umatic, Aerodromio, + Soda, Amftitheatro, Letom, EOT Alimou, EOT Voulas, Delfinario (Theatre), Punda (Paros), Hard Rock (Paros), Amazon (Paros), Xik club (Larisa), Monopolio (Giannena) and many more..

He has also played along side with some of the most known DJs from all over the globe, like Marc O Tool, Oliver Klein, Paul Van Dyke, Joti Sidhu, Tim Shculdt, Dino Psaras, Steve Ronan, Serge, Oforia, Avi (Indoor) Tsuyoshim Domino (Juno Reactor), G.M.S., Ceiba-Kode IV, Fred Giteau (POF), Mr Oz (Lush Rec), Ed Nexus (Inter 4), Darren (Dragonfly), Hayden (Blue Room), Sandman, Max (Etnika), Astra Projection, Goa Gill, Dan Dan (Typhoon), Shiva Shidapu, Sychro, Kristian Thinning (Elysium), Kristof (Transwave), Sid Shanti, Xerox, Jean Borelli, L.T.J. Bukem, dj Rap plus Uto Karem, Carlo Zita, Fabrizio Pettorelli, Federico Milani etc etc …

As the time moves, so does music... so now he is more related to tech house and house beats, and sounds that will take you to other levels.


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