Ron Caroll


Ο Ron Carroll είναι Αμερικανός DJ, τραγουδιστής, τραγουδοποιός και παραγωγός. Είναι γνωστός κυρίως στο κύκλωμα μουσική house. Ο Carroll έχει συνεργαστεί με πολλούς από τους πιο διάσημους παραγωγούς house, συμπεριλαμβανομένης της E-Smoove, Maurice Joshua και Bob Sinclar. Επίσης έχει πολλές παραγωγές, συνήθως με τον συνεργάτη του Spero Pagos και άλλους τραγουδιστές στα τραγούδια του.

2006 Chicago

1993 "My Prayer" (with Hula, Kay Fingers and Ron Trent), 1993 "A New Day" (with Hula and Kay Fingers), 1995 "Pressing On" , 1999 "Gimme Love" (with Spero Pagos), 1999 "Soundz" (with Spero Pagos), 1999 "Stronger" (with Mazi), 2001 "Angel", 2001 "Get With Him" (with Church Is One Foundation), 2001 "Take Me Up" (with E-Smoove), 2002 "Live In Me", 2002 "Natural", 2002 "Can't Give Up" (with Shawn Christopher), 2003 "Sexy Thing", 2004 "Come Into My Life" (with Richard Grey), 2005 "Classical Moments In Time" (with Derrick May), 2005 "The Only Way Is Up" (with Disco Darlings), 2006 "Just Got Paid", 2006 "Weak", with Jjah, 2007 "Come Into My Life 2007" (with Richard Grey), 2007 "All My Life" (with Jazmina).


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