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Dino MFU was born and raised in the 1980s in one of the world’s historical house music epicentres, New York City, before moving to Greece in 1993 at the age of 13 – taking some of the city’s musical heritage along with him.

By the time he was 20, he was already working as a PR for one of Athens’ hottest clubs, Bossa Nostra, all the while following his passion for soulful 4/4 beats. He found his musical hero in Little Louie Vega, one half of the legendary Masters At Work and legend in his own right, with soulful, uplifting house becoming his raison d’être.

His love for the genre soon saw him enter the world of promoting, building a solid reputation for himself with his Project - Music For Us nights in the city over the next two years.As his name and reputation spread across and outside of Greece, Dino’s parties became more and more popular, and in 2002 he began an exclusive business relationship with Louie Vega in Greece, building strong ties with the man who inspired him so much over the years. Vega’s colleagues Timmy Regisford and Quentin Harris also became key inspirations for Dino’s style of positive, organic house music, and by 2005 he had packed in the day job to focus on DJing full time.

Being a resident at Club Venue Athens for the house parties (one of DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs In The World), at Villa Mercedes (one of the most acclaimed club-restaurants in Europe) and Club Glow (where has played alongside international talents on Thursday nights), Dino’s presence in the Greek scene is ubiquitous.

When the long, scorching Greek summer season hits, he relocates to the island of Mykonos, playing often at the world-famous beach club Cavo Paradiso (1 of the top clubs in the world, which has brought its sound and vibe to London’s Egg and other leading European venues) and also at Scarpa, the one place in Myconos where house music is played seven nights a week.

As well as playing in every major club and city in Greece, he has also performed in Italy in the last 2 years. The border breakthrough for him is March 2010, where he performs in New York City (The Sullivan Room) in Room 84 N.J and at the WMC where he will get the main floor ready for the legendary Timmy Regisford & David morales @ the Shelbourne hotel for the shelter party.

Holding a powerful weapon which is the MFU radioshow every Friday night on one of the biggest fm radiostations in greece, Athens Deejay 95.2 , with a number of 30.000 listeners , he is constintly introducing new people to the music he loves.

With a fresh production career underway stating off with Underground collective and residencies and bookings across Greece and increasingly growing outside Greece, Dino’s career is looking very bright indeed. Not everybody understands house music – but he sure as hell does.

MFU website: www.musicforus.net

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