David Morales


“I am creating a place for people to forget their troubles for a while. It is important in the world we are living in today.” - David Morales

David Morales is a true vanguard in the world of dance music and the efforts of the Brooklyn native remains unparalleled. As a working DJ, remixer, and producer for over 25 years some of his accomplishments are as follows:

    * Debut album by artist David Morales & The Bad Yard Club, The Program, released 1993 on Mercury Records (Universal) featuring club and radio hit, “In de Ghetto”

    * 1996 Grammy Award Nominee for Producer of the Year; Mariah Carey’s album, Daydream for the song, “Fantasy”

    * 1997 Grammy Award Nominee for Remixer of the Year

    * 1998 Grammy Award Winner for Remixer of the Year

    * Released “Needin’ U” in 1998 on his own label, DMI Records, under the alias “The Face.” The track licensed to Mercury Records UK soon became a #1 Dance Record and video which is still being licensed and covered around the world.

    * Modeled for Iceberg Jeans in 2000-2001. He face appeared on buses, billboards and magazines such as L’Uomo, GQ and Vogue (U.S., British and Italian) as part of a world wide campaign.

    * Co-owned the legendary club, Stereo, in Montreal from 2003-2008.

    * Ultra Records releases Morales’ second album entitled Two Worlds Collide in 2005. The first single, “How Would U Feel,” proved successful on the dance floor while “Here I Am” performed by UK artist Tamra is prominently featured in the smash 2006 film, The Devil Wears Prada. “Feels Good,” performed by Angela Hunte landed a major position in the end credits of 2008 film Don’t Mess with the Zohan.

    * Remixed and produced over 500 releases for artists including Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Eric Clapton, Pet Shop Boys, U2, Whitney Houston, and Jamiroquai to name a few.

    * Participated in the 2006 “ALDO FIGHTS AIDS” campaign

    * Has appeared on numerous TV shows and documentaries shown on the BBC, MTV, Music Plus, BET, and Tokyo TV to name a few.

    * Hosts a Sunday night radio show on Paris radio station FG DJ Radio.

    * Owns and operates Def Mix Productions with his manager/partner Judy Weinstein representing Frankie Knuckles, Satoshi Tomiie and Hector Romero.

    * Continues to tour North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia as a DJ

    * Currently working on his new studio album due out in 2010

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