JMP aka Pantelis Tzamalis is an up and coming dj/producer that has a lot to offer in the electronic music scene. Born in 1987 at Patra city, he was 16 years old when he initially stepped into the scene, playing at various bars of the city, uplifting and impressing the crowd!

At the age of 18 JMP decides to get involved at aprofessional level with music production. Learning to compose music with influences from John Digweed, Sasha and many other dj/producers marks his initial pace at music production. About that time JMP gets accepted at the school of Computer Engineering and Information Technology of Patra where he combines studies with music and parallel he had performed at many clubs all over Greece side by side among the biggest djs/producers, in the likes of Nick Warren, Seb Fontaine, Dennis Ferrer, Cedric Gervais and others, captivating the masses.

In 2007, Mojo radio hosts JMP’s show by the name Deep Elements. From the start the show was welcomed by the listeners and has become one of the most successful shows all over Greece, featuring Guests djs/producers from Greece and abroad (such as 16 Bit Lolitas, Henry Saiz, Joris Voorn, Technasia, Gorge, Patric La Funk, Dimitri Andreas, Manuel De La Mare, Jody Wisternoff, Scope, Dousk to name a few).

Summer 2008 his guest djs at Cavo Paradiso‘s Radio in Mykonos with Cavo’s resident dj Freespirit. 

2009 JMP showcases his music production skills with his first EP being released by Vise Versa including remix by George Delkos. 2009 also is the year that JMP gets spots to the most famous festivals in Greece, performing with Nick Warren, Terry Francis, Seb Fontaine and other djs You can find his projects at labels such as Soulman Music, Caballero Recordings, Entrainment Dubai and others.

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