Bodj, to his parents George Zachariou, started collecting music since the age of 12 after being put on to rock & punk by friends who would kindly compile tapes for him.

By 15 he discovered a talent for the art of graffiti prompting him to begin collecting old school, hip hop, disco and early electro. His passion for b-boy art forms eventually led him one step further and by 2000 Bodj began to play hip hop through house to a soulful style for friends at small venues around and about...

Early 2005 Bodj took classes in sound engineering and electronic music production at the SAE institute of technology, the same period saw an explosion of the tech-house scene in which he immersed himself fully. Influenced by his studies and a new breed of house/techno producers.

Bodj was driven to further develop his own skills and cement a style based around house & techno and their variable sub-genres…

Bodj's impeccable mixing style and technique has made him one of the hottest Athenian djs for the time being,with appearances at respected Greek venues & festivals such as Entechno festival, European Music Day, as well as very popular and more underground locations in Greece.

Since the last couple of years, Bodj has released music on various new labels such as Metroline Ltd, Diaphan ,Percusa , Monique Musique, with more new stuff coming soon on Claap amongst other labels. Following his recent move to Berlin, George is constantly working on producing new music to make you sweat. Definetely a name to watch out for....

Bodj - Every Day EP - incl. Argy & GummiHz remixes – Claap – 2012
Bodj - Ride The Mood Swing - V.A. EP - Movida Records – 2012
Bodj - Concrete Floors - Quanticman Records – 2011
Sek & Bodj - Acid Talks EP – Diaphan - 2011
Bodj - Ring My Bell EP- Metroline Ltd - 2011
Bodj - Piano Thing - Percusa Records - 2011
Bodj - Love Goes EP - Monique Chronique - 2010
Bodj – Playshaker – Percusa - 2010
Bodj – Blisters – Percusa - 2010

Vynal K - Fubar EP - Bodj Remix - I Hate Camera – 2011
Aaron und Pascal - Variations on a Greek theme - Bodj Remix - Monique Chronique - 2010


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