Sergio Brunno


Sergio Brunno (a.k.a Sokratis Batsikostas) was born in 1991, in Samos which is an island in Aegean sea of Greece.

From his early age music has always been a part of his life.He had his first touch with it when he was at the age of eight while he started learning a musical instrument.He went at a music school for a while and then he continued to learn this musical instrument alone without having any help.If there was a word to describe this guy, that one will be for sure: Talent.

As a teenager he used to download many kinds of music but especially house.That was the infancy on discovering Electronic Music.He was attracted by those sounds and he started to make his collection of CD'S ready for use.That time came earlier.When he was sixteen he made his debut behind the decks on a coffe-bar in Trikala and some months later he started to participate to events and parties in local Clubs.Now his sets includes sounds of Progressive House and Techno.

Except from DJing,his love for Electronic Music could not keep him away from starting his own projects.In summer of 2009 he started creating his own sounds as a producer but with no conscious effort to define his own style of music.Sounds from popular producers and DJ's have been great influences on his production style.

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