Sunset Derek


Giorgos Derekopoulos a.k.a Sunset Derek.

Born in Greece in 1985, growing up with passion and love for dance music. He started playing music as a dj at the age of 15 at school parties. Then, in 2002 he became a resident and guest in various respected bars and clubs at his hometown (Kiato, Corinthias).The same year, he started performing radio shows with dj sets at midnight zones in Locals Radio Stations.

His musical influences is progressive/techhouse genres. In 2005 he started to produce his own music productions by composing remixes and mashup. He performed many club parties along with best and respected jockeys from Greece.

After playing at bars and clubs of Achaia (Corinthia) and Athens, and after gaining more musical experience with his first release, came out by the Label ”The Sound Of Everything”, today he is one of the best dance DJs in the Corinthian scene.

Zac F - Missing (Sunset Derek remix)
Label: The sound of everything

Upcoming release:
V-Sag - Sleeping away from me (Sunset Derek remix)
Sunset Derek-Summer Senses
Label: The sound of everything


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