Nikko Sunset


With the help of fellow DJs, Nikko Sunset helped to push house and elect music forwards on web and radio during the late nineties. This was a good step foward influencing his current style which kept that sought after feel-good sound adding range to his matured piano, stab into vocals, intelligent beats and breaks.

As the millennium turned, Justin Nikko Sunset progressed on to organising events through Noevo management throughout a number of exclusive venues ensuring capacity was always met. Headlining some of the most well known DJ/Producers of the times, Nikos has had the privilege of work alongside a number of well known artists.

Nikos music continues to evolve and inspire the inquiring minds of crowds across dance floors with an exciting upbeat journeys.

Is Nikos Hayward a globe-trotting, club-packing, beat-dropping DJ? Most definitely. But that’s just the beginning of the story…one that’s still being written.


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