George Seragos


George Seragos, a.k.a Sergeo, has been spinning records at parties for his schoolmates since his early teens. When he was 15, he bought a Global Underground Series cd compilation and his passion for electronic music took off irreversibly (till now that is!).

He left his hometown, Athens, during his 18th year, to study Computer & Business at Warwick University, UK.

Not surprisingly, since he was spending all of his money and time in buying records, he ended up hosting a university radio show. In 1999, he was asked to provide his mixing skills and co-present the most popular radio show of the university at that time, the RaW Dance Selector. In November 2000, the Student Radio Awards awarded them as Best Radio show of the year!

Two years later he takes the next step towards his love: electronic music. He joins a music technology master’s degree at City University, UK. All the technical expertise he had gained from his previous computer oriented studies, found a new ground for experimentation at this course and his first steps in music production fuel his love for music even more.

In the meantime, he joins a DJ contest in Greece in 2002, organized by Heineken and gets the second prize by the prime judge of the contest, who was no other than Pete Tong!

During this contest he meets up with the crew of Best Radio 92,6, the most famous radio station for electronic music in Greece and earns the trust of the radio station manager. A bit later, he starts sending mix tapes to the radio station as a guest dj and in 2004 he begins to host a weekly radio show for the afterhours zone of Best Radio 92,6.

His strict selection of underground sounds and cheese-free electronic music, quickly builds up the reputation of a moody and deep music addict.

At Best Radio, he meets 2 key persons in what was about to follow in his music career course: G-Pal, a Greek pioneer producer and top DJ with whom a close friendship and interaction of musical ideas and tastes begins, and Adrianos Papadeas, a radio producer and DJ who ended up being his other half in djing. Some of the best parties taking place in the whole Greece at the moment are thanks to this explosive dj duo.

In 2006, he joins a remix contest organised online by Skint records for remixing the track “Kill 100” by  X-Press 2. His remix (Sergeo Mix) gets the first prize and a proper release. His production skills are now acknowledged, but he doesn’t rush into producing easy made tracks just to take advantage of this hype. He keeps his music locked in the studio waiting for the next big thing.

He is a DJ, a radio and a music producer but still, he seems to be missing something. He wants to be a part of the inner side of the music industry so he joins The Sound Of Everything, a Greek independent record label, which at the time had just started building its worldwide repertoire.

His sharp mind, clever ear and rude nature quickly force the label owner of TSOE to make George the A&R manager of the electronic repertoire of the label.

In 2007 he co-produces with a friend under the alias The Rest-Less, a track called “Play The Game”, which was featured exclusively in the compilation Concealed Truth, compiled by his close friend and dj partner Adrianos Papadeas. “Play The Game” received daily airplay by all key radio stations of the dance local scene and a worldwide single release is soon to follow.

He is currently preparing his first dj compilation to be released by The Sound Of Everything. His sound will now be burnt on a cd and as you have probably guessed, it will be a deep, moody, underground extravaganza!


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