Real Scenes: London

London is home to the world’s biggest and most diverse dance music scene. Each weekend, it vibrates to the sound of every imaginable style of club music. It’s a scene shaped by immigration and the hard knocks of city life, both of which fuelled the incredible feats of creativity that led to jungle, garage, grime, dubstep and UK funky. London is rightly known as a capital of sonic innovation.

London may be one of dance music’s most important cities, but it’s also one of its most troubled. It has reached a defining moment for nightlife culture. From club closures, to widespread police pressure on venues, to the looming threats of gentrification and Brexit, dance music in London has often felt under siege. In Real Scenes: London, we meet the artists, promoters and venue owners who have confronted these challenges head on. It’s never been easy here, but an undercurrent of radio, DIY venues, new music and emerging talent still finds a way to survive and thrive—at least for now.

Music in order of appearance:
Pearson Sound – XLB [Pearson Sound] 2016
M Beat feat. General Levy – Incredible [Renk Records] 1994
Killa P & Flow Dan – Skeng [Hyperdub] 2007
Nãnci and Phoebe – Notorious ft. Congo Natty [Congo Natty Bass] 2012
Special Request – Stairfoot Lane Bunker [Houndstooth] 2007
Endian – Sub Tropic [secretsundaze] 2015
Shanti Celeste – Sun [secretsundaze] 2015
Hidden Spheres – Your Effect [Rhythm Section] 2016
Throwing Snow – Paint By Numbers [Houndstooth] 2015
Wilted Woman – Somehow [She Rocks!] 2017
Silentjay x Jace XL – Vibrate [Rhythm Section] 2016
Call Super – Migrant [Houndstooth] 2015

Production credits:
Director / Editor: Patrick Nation
Director of Photography: Sophie Misrahi
Associate Producer: Ryan Keeling
Colourist: Adam Clarke
Dubbing mixer: Guy Clarke
Production manager: Lydia Skarbek
Camera: Tolli Myers

Additional Footage:
Outlook, Printworks, Carly Hacon, Radar Radio
Additional Audio: LBC